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Mobile Counseling Center

Effective & Evidenced-Based Psychotherapy 

Our Story

In 2021, a group of professional private practice counselors established our group to create and provide access to care under one roof for individuals, couples, families, and groups of all ages. Although our group is still in its beginning, our years of practice providing mental health care ranges from 3 to 20+. We are proud to continue bringing personalized care for each person with our wide range of training, education, involvement, certifications, skills, personalities, therapeutic methods, and perspectives. Each therapist will go above and beyond when creating and maintaining confidentiality and care standards while establishing and achieving your goals. 

 What We Do

Our therapists implement effective, evidence based, psychotherapy methods to help you explore and achieve self-understanding and authenticity to develop new attitudes, feelings, and views within your life. It is essential to keep in mind that therapy is in no way a "quick fix" - it is a healing process with participation and investment from both client and therapist. Making small changes has the potential to bring life-altering results; with our services, we will help you achieve just that, by providing personalized therapeutic services for your needs. Each of our therapists will go the extra mile to provide tools for you to grow and attain your goals.

Therapy Closeup

Who we Serve

We provide services to clients of all ages

How we Serve

We offer sessions in-person and virtually 

Types of Services

We offer individual counseling, couples counseling, family counseling, and group counseling to meet the unique needs of our clients
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Areas of Focus 

Trauma  |  Postpartum Concerns  |  LGBTQ+ Topics  |  Loss  |  Disordered Eating  |  Codependency  |  Relationship Issues  |  

Anxiety  |  Alcohol & Substance Abuse  |  Mood & Personality Disorders  |  Impulse Control  |  Depression  |  Grief  |  Physical, Verbal, & Emotional Abuse  |  Racial & Minority Topics  |  Coping Skills  |  Adjustment Issues  |  Life Transitions  |  Anger Issues  |  Family Topics  |  Boundaries  |  Academic & Career Concerns  |  Stress Management  |  Time Management  |  Perfectionism 



6348 Piccadilly Square Dr. Mobile, AL 36609

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